Chronocinesisteraphy - this is new approach to the   rehabilitation system. In 2003 I started the research, which has no analogue in the world, together with honoured doctor of Alanya, scientist, professor , the head of  restoration medicine institute and new technology BMI,VAS( Vladicavcaz Academy of Science ) and RAS (Russian Academy of Science)Sergei Dimitrovich Beliaew. The researches were aimed to merge the methods of cinesistheraphy and chronoteraphy (which has been successfully used as a progressive and independent method, for 35 years)

 Research topic:  the chronobiological approach for cinesistheraphy treatment” through Bubnowski method, in order to cure the patients from cardiology syndrome, while having spinal osteochondrosis.The results of the survey and the methods used, were successfully experienced in Bubnowski center and it was also published in a journal “medico-social expertise and rehabilitation”, Moscow, # 1, 2008.Authors of the issue are A.I Kondratenko, S.D.Beliaew, LG.Khetagurow. Issue: “chrono-biological Evaluation of cinesistheraphy rehabilitation effectiveness to patients ". Also the issue in “Caucasus medico-biological herald” magazine, volume 8", number 14, 2008-2009 yy. Town Vladikavkaz, Authors: A.U.KOndatenko,L.G.Khetagurov,S.M.BUbnovski,”  "chronocinesisteraphy in order to heal the patients from spinal osteochondrosis, evaluation and optimization of the process” after complex studying of the main conditions of patient’s cardiovascular system biorhythms index and after detection of the pre-clinical diseases, which is called as Biorithmological approach, will be  applied , the new scheme of treatment, processed in  ВНЦ РАН Medico-Biological problem’s institute together with cinesistheraphy. Also me and constructional bureau of  military factory have processed two unique simulators.(which have no analogues in rehabilitation sphere) one   of them carries the dynamic stretches , which provides to pain relief in spinal area, gaining the height and correction of scoliosis(including onthologic) and kyphosis. The second simulator is intended for neck, It gives an ability to locally effect the neck muscles, to solve the neck area problems for spine,  hernia, neck area ostheochondrosis, Intracranial pressure, migraine, it can also improve vision and hearing. It can successfully be used for sportsman (wrestler) in non-trauma threatening trainings, because the pressure rank range from 0, 5 kilograms to   30 Kg.