Syndromes and diseases, which are treated in our center:


1. Pain in spinal and waist areas-treatment without surgery

2. Waist and neck ostheochodrosis –treatment without pierces

3. Spinal hernia, intervertebral hernia-principally different approach to treatment,

4. Compression fracture-treatment and rehabilitation,

5. Joint pain (knees, hips, shoulders areas)-treatment without surgery or medicines,

6. hip-waist joints area kok-athrosis treatment-without medicines,

7. Gout (podagra)-foot area pain treatment,

8. Knee joint pain treatment, horarthritis and horarthrosis,

9. Pains in hands (shoulders, hand joints) the treatment without surgery and medications,

10. Osteopororosis characterized to spinal ostheochondrosis,

11. Spinal, neck and breast area pain treatment-without blockade and surgery,

12. Limbs desensitization, caused out of ostheochodrosys,

13. Hard degeneration diseases treatment (Bechterew syndrome) Ankylosing spondylarthritys and others


Physical rehabilitation:

1. After spinal and hip injuries,

2. after the replacement of large joints,

3. After heart surgery (Coronary artery bypass surgery),

4. after myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke and internal organs surgery,

5. in terms of vegetative dystonia syndrome illness,

6. First stage of cerebral circulation



Prevention and correction

1. The access to the internal organs after childbirth,

2. Back pain in pregnancy and the postpartum rehabilitation,

3. Hemorrhoids and rectal cracks,

4. The second type of diabetes,

5. Atherosclerosis,

6. Muscle failure and growth retardation in children under 14,

7. Ischemic heart diseases,

8. Hypertonic diseases,

9. Ischemic stroke,

10. Prevention and correction of cellulite,

11. Different complexity of scoliosis (including the Sherman-mouse) and a flatfoot correction.



Women's Health:

* Myomectomy surgery intervention and prevention of uterine surgery rehabilitation,

* Fibro-mastopathy-prevention,

* Ovarian disfunction- prevention, treatment,

* Inflammation

* Osteochondrosis and intervertebral discs lower internal organs

* Hernia background, treatment, prevention,

* Gynecology, chronic hip pain, treatment, prevention,

* Urology, chronic hip pains- treatment, prevention,

* Chronic hip anorectal painsi-prophylaxis

* Postoperative femoral chronic pain,

* Lower limbs varicose disease-thrombosis prevention

* Hemorrhoids - prevention,

* Body organs lowering prevention, during the menopause period,

* Incontinence prevention.



Sports and other injuries prophylaxis:

- Skull trauma rehabilitation,

- Rehabilitation of bone fractures,

- The restoration of the joints, muscles and complex coordinated movements of force, endurance exercise,

- Inter-joint fracture rehabilitation. Increasing the joint size.

- Dislocation treatment,

- Rehabilitation of sports injuries