Before starting the treatment in our center, you need to consult with doctor-cinesistherapist (you need to reserve earlier)


The consultation consists of four parts:

1. Distinguishing the disease, explaining the cinesistheraphy, treating difficulties and   futures,

2. Conducting the miofascial topographic study, after what, it will be dedicate the hidden diseases of supportive-moving systems,

3. Diagnosing testing in rehabilitation hall

4. Testing with Estberg profile card. The card is used to determine the internal biorhythms of the person, which are not, linked with social problems of the human-determining the chronotype of the person.



You should bring:

-Spinal pains- magnetic resonance or computer tomography of problematic zones;

- Joints pain-ray images;

- In terms of congenital diseases extract from the history of the disease or polyclinic card;

- Comfortable sporty shoes and clothing




Treatment process:

The base of the treatment are special exercises in that training hall, taking in account the person’s chrono-type ,Including Bubnowsky multi-functional simulator, which gives an ability to dosage the level of stressing on individual muscles and tendons, and provides the adequate regime of physical treatment.  

Also to the simulators, which have no analogue in the world in rehabilitation field and are processed by Alexander Kondratenko, which perform the dynamic stretches for muscles, using which they provide the results as gaining the height, correction of kiposis and scoliosis (including ontological)

The qualified specialists, who’ve studied at medico-biology and adaptive gymnastics departments, compile the individual rehabilitation program, headed by professor-scientist S.M. Bubnowsky.

It is required to keep the proper breathing and moving techniques, also the exact fulfillment of the specialist’s recommendations and prescriptions.

It’s necessary to keep in mind, that pain is nor a disease, neither the reason of the pain, but just the symptom. As soon as we remove the reason of the disease (muscle spasm in depth), the pain will pass



Supportive methods:

- Hydrothermal therapy (treatment following the sauna-therapy rules, using the thermal effect, also together with hydro-massage and Russian bath) will guarantee to feel the comfort of curing procedures.

- Cryotherapy (treatment, using low temperature, cryo-compresses and cryo-massage);

- Apitherapy (treatment using bee stings, and other products of beekeeping: propolis and royal jelly)

- Hirudotherapy (treatment using blood release);

- Phytoterapy (treatment using the plants)

- Dynamic electrical-neirostimulation. Effecting the reflexive zones and acupuncture points using electrical throbs impulses, application of which depends on skin surface electrical impedance to electrical effected segment. While using DENS, the local effect is directed to the limited area, acupuncture point or the large reflexive zone is processed using the electrodes.